HS EPK is an order picking system based on display signals (light) which offers a high degree of operational flexibility. The high quality and reliability is ensured by small industrial network computers, scanners, flat screens for advanced man-machine communication and printers for delivering documents. The HS EPK can be used in pick-by-light mode or put-to-light mode.

A particular advantage of this system is the extreme scalability and high adaptability to existing logistic equipment. The shelves are available in different sizes and designs.


In Pick-by-Light mode one display is assigned to one object. The operator is informed on how many copies of each selected object he/her has to pick. If there is light on several displays, the objects are intended for the same, current order.


In Put-To-Light mode one display corresponds to one assignment. The products are recognized (e.g. via barcode), and the numbers on the display indicate how many copies of the product that should be stored in the respective compartment.


  • Parallel instead of serial picking
  • Flexible and individual work procedures
  • Less administration and improved order control
  • Minimized customer complaints – less staff for customer service
  • Online documents and correct delivery notes and invoices